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Southern – Part 1

Welcome to Southern
by Neon Gypsy Winter ’19
Let us take you on a
journey into another land.
Raw, free and un-mistakenly
breathtaking with classic
silhouettes and house hold
favourites. Inspired by our
Southern back yard –
earthy tones mixed with
silky luxe fabrics.
The perfect mix of natural
elegance which will take
you from work to late
night winter red wines
by the fire.
Enjoy x
Dropping this Friday
31 May 2019 AT 9AM.











Q & A with Brijana Cato

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Brijana and I’m a freelance photographer based in a small beach town just north of Auckland. I shoot mostly weddings and fashion but also work with various business’s in my local community.

How did yourself and Neon Gypsy start working together?

I can’t remember who found who! The world of Instagram is a funny one and NZ is very small so we ended up connecting and the rest is history. We did our first shoot in Tauranga a while back and really clicked, the Neon Ladies are so fun to work with and I love creating with them.

Tell us about the trip – what was your highlight?

It was a big weekend away with lots of shooting! I loved being back in the South Island, that place always makes me appreciate the country we live in. The landscapes are next level and it’s easy to be inspired when down there!

What was the fave location of the shoot?

I loved shooting at the ruins! It took a while to find as it was a bit off the beaten track but we got there in the end. It was so fun working with the architectural remains and the beautiful stone. I also loved the golden grassy spot on Lindis Pass with the mountains in the background! So stunning.

Which outfit did you love the most and why? 

I loved the Cheetah Maxi! I’m a fan of oversized and floaty things so if it’s comfy then I’m in! I love pieces that you can just throw on with a pair of sneakers and head out in.

How would you describe Neon Gypsy designs and the brand as a whole? 

I think Neon Gypsy is perfect for all ages, they really have something for everyone! Neon Gypsy is great for lots of different occasions whether you’re off on holiday or looking for some casual pieces. It’s a label that caters to a variety of people in all shapes and sizes which is also an added bonus! 

What do you find most challenging about your profession? 

I think like any profession you’re going to have highs and lows. During the summer is my busiest time with weddings and sometimes that can be very challenging balancing everything. In saying that, I’ve learnt how to handle these things better as time has gone on and I’m grateful for the work that I get and the people I get to work with! My challenges aren’t really things that I want to dwell on when working because my job is the best and I love it.

What’s your dream shoot location and why?

That’s hard because there’s so many dream locations for me. I think one that’s been on my mind for a long time would be Palm Springs/LA. I’m so inspired by the Art Deco architecture and that mid century kinda era, so I think it would be super fun to create there! Would also love to get to Mexico but hey the list never ends.

Hope you love the shoot! 

Shoot for Neon Gypsy
Photographer: Brijana Cato
Styling and Direction: Neon Gypsy
Model: Bridie
Location : South Island, New Zealand