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Sneak Peek of Bella AW20

We chat to local festival
babe Lucy about her recent
time at Splore. Lucy is wearing
styles from Neon Gypsy’s
soon to be released
A/W Collecton “Bella” – Enjoy!


Hey Lucy, thanks for chatting with us!
How are you? How’s lockdown been for you?

I’m good! I’ve actually enjoyed lockdown; I’m living out on the farm with my parents and am working from home. It’s such a weird time though, some days are definitely better than others. Routine has helped me a lot; walking and meditating in the morning and working out in the afternoons. I’ve loved being able to take the time and appreciate activities like sewing, dancing and cooking. I do miss my friends though and can’t wait to hang out with them.

A couple of months back you attended Splore? What is it that draws you to this festival?

I did, it’s so wild. Splore is basically a big costume party for adults and everyone dresses up. It’s amazing, every year there is a theme, this year the theme was ‘Infinity’. It’s not just about the music but the atmosphere, crazy acts and workshops, art installations and the people you meet.

What was your Splore highlight?

Letting loose with my best friends. 

You had some amazing outfits! How do you decide on your outfits and who do you draw style inspiration from?

Thank you! I love to dress up, my wardrobe is never ending! I’ve always been drawn to the fun and creative things in life like dancing, music, festivals and fashion. Op shopping for vintage clothes is something I get amongst so being original with my style is fun for me. I usually base my outfits around a few key  pieces I already have and go from there. This year I wanted one of my outfits to be Americana inspired so I pulled together what I had in the wardrobe and got creative with a cowboy hat and accessories!

What’s been your most favourite festival/concert to attend and why?

Lolapalooza in Paris was a lot of fun but Splore would have to be my favourite. It’s so unique, one minute you’re walking through a gypsy fair, the next you’re partying beachside amongst a cabaret show.

Top 5 festival tips:

Go with a group of friends as fun as you.

Get creative with makeup… Glitter, gems and jewellery.

Pre Party Platter, drinks and good tunes while getting ready to get you in the mood.

Plan before you party! Make sure you schedule a few things you want to see/ do at the festival.

Berocca and the ocean the morning after always helps…!!

Your festival bucketlist:

Bluesfest in Byron Bay is number one on my list and Meadows in the Mountains in Bulgaria looks unreal

Any final words…?

Accessories, shoes and hair and makeup are all part of your outfit… no one remembers you for dressing boring, so don’t!

Shoot for Neon Gypsy
Styling and Creative Direction :: @looseylocket
Location :: Splore 2020
Model :: @looseylocket
Lucy wears size S-M:
Grove Winter Maxi – Rust Floral
Rara Maxi Skirt – Black Flamingo