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Rosa is romantic, sweet and feminine, but don’t be fooled, because it is strong,
grungy and courageous too. Whimsical romance with vintage inspired prints
pair beautifully with elements of tough utility wear.



This is Neon Gypsy’s take on the Rosa collection by Spell Designs.
Recently, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot the Rosa Collection, by Spell Designs.
We scouted around the beautiful Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand to find some rustic, earthy backgrounds which would reflect our vision of Rosa.
Strong but down to earth, beautiful but raw and the locations we chose worked perfectly.
These were also places we enjoyed walking our dogs, swimming and just generally adventuring to over the years as locals. It was nostalgic to return to some of these special spots to create new magic with a different purpose.
So, off we went with our ‘high end’ accessories – $20 gumboots from the warehouse, $10 Angora beret from St Johns op shop and Mum’s fingerless clothes from many early, cold market mornings.
With Bridie making us cry with laughter and Bri working her magic behind the lens, the shoot was to say the lest beyond beautiful and SO much fun!
We are obsessed with this epic shoot and hope you like it as much as we do!
Neon Gypsy

Shoot for Neon Gypsy
Collection: Rosa by Spell Designs
Styling and set styling: Neon Gypsy
Muse: Bridie Morris
Photographer: Brijana Cato
Make up : Mary Estelle
Location: Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.



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