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Q & A with @leoniejmav

Leonie heads off on some
epic adventures to
faraway lands. We have
a quick Q&A with her
and find out where she’s
been on her latest travels
Tell us where you have been lately – it all looks amazing…
​Recently, a friend and I traveled to the US for a girls road trip. We hired a car and drove from LA to Yosemite, down to Vegas and then across to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. We had the most incredible time, right in the middle of summer, hitting 46 degrees for most of our road trip! Then last week, my Husband and I flew to Tokyo. We stayed pretty central, which gave us the freedom to explore as much of the city as possible (drinking as much coffee as we could find!) for the week we were there. We went to the Summer Sonic Music Festival (aka Japanese version of Coachella) which was an amazing experience!
What are your go-to travel essentials?
If you’re lucky enough to have the classic kiwi female body shape with zero thigh gap, bike shorts will be your best friend when walking up to 20km per day in the heat! (Even better now that they are on trend!)  My Leopard Drew Mini Dress was also essential for the high humidity days. It is made from rayon which is the most light weight fabric that is comfortable to wear and adds nothing to your luggage weight. A good pair of sneakers will go with pretty much any outfit but they are also the go-to for the days that are spent mostly on your feet.
One item everyone should pack in their carry-on is…
I’ve got a few that I take with me every time! A really good neck pillow, a hoodie with a giant hood that can double as an eye mask, comfortable slides and warm socks.
A highlight of your most recent trips was…
We really loved teamLab Borderless in Tokyo. It’s an interactive light and art installation that just has to be experienced, no instagram photo will do this place justice.
Fav styling tip when travelling is…
I love taking matching sets with me like my white linen shorts and shirt (which are actually pjs so all day comfort!). The set can be worn together or separated into different outfits, meaning you get more out of that luggage allowance which leaves more room for shopping! I love to look in local vintage stores and usually end up with some pretty amazing finds! Those pieces are the most fun to style when travelling because you get to find little pieces from the places you travel to, that belonged to people who lived there. It makes for cool stories once you return home!.
What’s your skincare secrets when you’re travelling, your skin always looks AMAZE!
Haha aww thank you! I have struggled with my skin for a pretty long time, but over the past few years, it has started to clear up. I think it’s really important to stick with your skincare routine whilst travelling – cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin daily. I keep my face makeup free on the days that I fly and wear a deep moisturising overnight mask instead. This keeps my skin from drying out on the plane. When finishing my makeup, I always spray my face with the Mario Badescu Rose Water spray as I prefer to have a glowy finish to my makeup, then I use a waterproof setting spray to make sure it stays in place all day! No real secrets here – just drink lots of water and make sure you look after your skin.
Your fav place you’ve visited so far and would recommend to anyone is…
It’s really hard to pick a fav!! Israel was an incredible place to visit and had so much history! But the Amalfi Coast in Italy stole my heart a few years ago too, along with Barcelona and Palm Springs. I really want to get back to all of these places!
Who’s the person behind the lens? Any tips for taking pics when travelling?
My amazing husband is usually behind the lens, or just the friends I am travelling with. But the best tip I can give if you are travelling alone is to look around for people who look like they know what they are doing when it comes to taking pictures, stop them and offer to take a photo of them, and almost always they will offer the same back to you!
What are your editing secrets, we love your vibe!
Taking photos on the Lightroom app and editing with presets. This changed the editing game for me! I have a really talented friend (https://brookeartstudio.com/) who created some dreamy presets so I use these on every photo and try to keep the editing the same between the photos I take. If you are using your phone to take photos, using the Lightroom app to take them will allow you to control the focal point, exposure, shutter speed, ISO and white balance, and will allow your photos to be adjusted easily when editing.
Best book to read while travelling?
I don’t often reach for a book while travelling! I’m just not much of a reader in general. But one of my favourite books to read for a little pick me up would be The Apricot Memoirs by Tess Guinery.
Favourite quote you live by?
You don’t need all the things you think you need–to do all the things you feel called to do. You have all you need, right now, right here–now go make life beautiful.” – Tess Guinery
Where are you headed to next?
We have a couple of friends who have recently moved over to Vietnam, so we hope to get over there at the end of the year, and then to Bali. We can’t wait to get back to Europe so hopefully that one falls into our plans one day soon.
You can follow @leoniejmav travel adventures on instagram!

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