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Q & A with @iamgeni

We adore this amazing
woman, and her epic
styling – read on to find
out more about her style
tips and tricks and
other accounts to follow!


As you know we ADORE your incredible sense of style, what or who inspires you with your day to day outfit styling?

Thank you! I love stepping into my closet and being captivated by the history of everything inside – from vintage, denim, and military styles to flowing, free-spirited, feminine silhouettes, and everything in between. I usually gravitate toward a garment that matches my mood, and then add layers or accessories to make it more interesting. I often wear two dresses at once because I love seeing one peek out from under the other. And the mixture of edgy and soft is ALWAYS a winner in my book.



Whats your fav outfit today you’ve created?

I would have to say my Spell City Lights alteration from gown to sundress, worn over the Spell Prairie Lace Sundress. I love the colors and how the Prairie Lace sundress added texture and fullness underneath. I am really proud of that one.



How would you describe your personal styles in three words?

Whimsical, Experimental, Vintage



Your top 5 IG accounts to follow for styling tips?

My absolute favorite account is @madamederosa. Her unique style is INCREDIBLE and so inspiring. Other favorites are @tezza @mikutas @70sdaily and @rocky_barnes. (Plus an honorable mention for @florence because I wish she would post more.)



What tips and tricks could you offer for others who can find styling outfits a bit tricky?

Above all else, be comfortable in what you are wearing. If you can’t breathe or are constantly adjusting, your outward confidence won’t match your badass ensemble. But definitely take big risks with creating unconventional combinations that make you feel amazing and unique! I love layering in some vintage, whether it’s a ratty old Harley tee or a crazy necklace. Find pieces that speak to you and don’t be afraid to experiment with wearing them together. Fun tip: Try things on backwards—you might be surprised at the outcome!



What do you find most challenging about Instagram and what advice would you give to others wanting to use this social media platform?

Ahhh, the Instagram algorithm. It’s a tricky thing that I am still trying to figure out. I used to get pretty upset if I didn’t grab a lot of likes and engagement, but then I stepped back and realized that I am taking the time to style the clothing and create photos for my OWN joy. The process is therapeutic and so much fun for me, and I’m really just excited that anyone else out there enjoys the end result, too.  My advice is to be yourself, twirl, have fun, and don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else or base your worth on “likes.”



Any final words….

Thank you for trusting me to make your beautiful clothing my own, and for being so loving and supportive. You inspire me!

All my love, and thank you again! Geni xo

Follow Geni on Instagram @iamgeni